At SquareBox, we have adopted an innovative approach to sustainability and the environment. We understand there are no ifs, buts or maybes when it comes to the environment.



Our aim is to deliver well-designed sustainable workplaces. We select products and materials that deliver our company ethos of being:

  • environmentally responsible
  • fit for purpose
  • highly recyclable
  • minimising carbon footprint

Think of us as one team, working together to deliver a perfectly balanced workplace. One point of contact, with information flowing through the entire team, saves time and money. Each project runs smoothly because it is directed by one mission and one promise – to deliver the perfect working environment.

Our environmental policy is woven into the very fabric – the DNA, if you like – of our business. From the warehouse at head office, our personnel in transport, procurement and sales – they all help us to save the world, all day and every day.

Our Recycling.

We are committed to continually improving the sustainability of all environmental aspects within our business. We adopt a very simple concept, we simply look at what we’re throwing away and work out why it’s being thrown away, and then apply the 3 R’s principle:


Whilst recycling is the element which receives the most exposure it is actually the third option available and should not be the prime target in the battle to reduce waste. It is the effort made in the first instance to minimise usage, then giving consideration to reuse where possible that contributes, before having to consider recycling.

Through our partnerships , we use a dedicated recycling centre to tackle sustainability issues throughout the office furniture industry.

Our Packaging.

Waste packaging is a huge cost to the furniture industry. Throwing materials away not only costs money but also adds to the landfill crisis in the UK, and wastes valuable resources that could and should be recycled.

Waste Packaging Regulations legislation states that companies have a Duty of Care to recycle defined amounts of their packaging. We utilise a simple and cost effective packaging recycling service which remedies all of the above issues.

We bring back our packaging from projects using specially designed recycling bags on backloaded transport and recycle cardboard, paper, brochures, shrink wrap, stretch wrap, bubble wrap, chair bags, blue foam edging, expanded polystyrene, banding/strapping and netting from 5 star chair bases.

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